Charities and Not For Profit Organisations

We have many years of experience of working with Charities and NFP organisations. From producing full appeal packs to supporter and event communications, we understand this sector, even more than any other, needs direct mail solutions that provide good value for money. That's why we're always happy to provide ideas and suggestions of ways to make the mailing as cost-effective as possible.

We were able to do this as we had full control over the complete project. From being able to manage the printing of each pack item, to the fulfilment, and, most of all, being knowledgeable about the postage rates and requirements, we were able to ensure our client got the most out of their direct mail campaign.

In the unfortunate event of a natural world disaster, the need to raise immediate awareness and support is pivotal. We've handled many direct mail campaigns in such circumstances. These are just one example how we can turn campaigns around very quickly to meet our clients' requirements.

We'll think about all aspects of the pack, from what impression you want to give from the paper we print on, to what the response device will be, the BRE, and of course, how we can ensure you receive the most competitive postage rate.

Recently we handled a large appeal pack mailing for one of our charity clients. We were aware the packs would contain a number of different items and we were concerned the pack weight would be close to the maximum 100gms to qualify for the lower postal rate. Knowing what an impact there would be on the client's budget if it were to exceed this limit, even before we received final artwork, we investigated ways to produce the pack to ensure the pack weight was below 100gms. We looked at reducing the paper weight of the items, ensuring it would not impinge on the end quality, and if we could trim the items down to a fractionally smaller size. We achieved our goal, and and needless to say we had one very happy client.