When a print press is more than just a print press

It’s hard to believe it’s two years since we installed our new Sakurai LED UV print press. How time flies.

Even though we knew it was a pretty special piece of kit, it was a big decision to invest in this state of the art technology. There were only a handful of others already running in the UK but our gut feeling was LED UV was the way forward, and, two years on, we don’t have any regrets.

To install such a machine was big news. At the time we had a feature in Print Week as well as some local media coverage, but whilst we’re good at handling print and mailing for our clients, we’re not so good at telling the wider world what we have and how good we are! In our own modest way, we keep our head down and work hard in turning every job round quickly and to a high standard.

Even now, unless they’ve allowed us to give them a site visit, many of our clients don’t fully understand, or realise, just how advanced we are in the equipment we’ve invested in over the past 24 months. They’re happy that time after time, we deliver high quality products, and meet their required deadlines.

The benefits of using an LED UV printing press include:

  1. Faster drying time meaning a quicker turnaround

The unique selling point of an LED UV printer is that it uses (LED) light instead of heat to dry the ink once it hits the paper, even on uncoated stocks, which traditionally could take days to dry. With traditional litho print ink sinks into the paper, which not only takes longer to dry but creates a duller colour finish.

It still amazes us that we can take printed sheets straight off the press to our finishing areas, whether that’s trimming, folding or personalising. It’s not unusual for us to print and mail on the same day.

It’s estimated that this drying process reduces turnaround of printing by around 40%, which is critical in today’s world when we all seem to be working on a just-in-time basis. Whatsmore, our LED UV press allows us to achieve faster turnaround times we improved quality. Two birds, one stone.

  1. Environmental benefits

With LED UV technology, there's no solvent to evaporate which means no environmental pollutants are formed. It also uses less power than traditional print technology as machines have instant on/off functionality to reduce standby consumption between jobs. This helps reduce overall C02 emissions. And, LED UV ink is recyclable.

It has certainly raised our environmental credentials, but also allows our clients to contribute to their sustainability goals too.

  1. Material versatility

Whilst the majority of what we print is on ‘standard’ Bond or Silk paper stocks, there is nothing standard about the scope of materials we can run through the press.

LED UV print really does come into its own when printing on uncoated paper as the soft finish and tactile quality isn't compromised, while the ink appears much flatter and that results in colours appearing much sharper.

There are so many different papers available, from colour to finish and texture. The choice of paper can transform the look and feel of a printed item to make it stand out and best reflect the organisation’s brand and messaging. We’re always happy to work with clients in offering ideas on how to make their print stand out, and we can provide paper samples.

The versatility of LED UV machines can be stretched even further, as inks can be applied selectively to build up embossed objects, letters and custom textures.

  1. Colour enhancement

With any new investment, there’s always a concern that it might not be as good as what came before it. But, that worry was short lived once we got our LED UV press up and running. It was clear to see how colours are consistently enhanced to their full potential.

As ink doesn't sink into materials using a UV LED machine, the colours always appear much sharper. Once printed, colours also appear much brighter and more vivid to provide the best visual presentation. That's something you simply can't compromise on.

  1. Consistently high quality finishes

Whatever we are printing, quality is always key.

With LED UV printing, ink set off - which is when ink transfers from one sheet to another if it is not 100% dry - is eliminated. This way, no anti-set off powder spray is needed so there's no dust, no blemishes and no markings ever appearing as a result of sealing coatings.

This cutting-edge technology ensures that we always achieve stunning, bespoke results - regardless of the project.

  1. A quality end result reflects a quality service

Whether we’re printing an appeal pack for one of our charity clients,’ What’s On?’ guides or event postcards for a theatre, corporate brochures, promotional leaflets or business stationery quality is key. The quality of our work is a reflection of their organisation and their brand.

When you place a print order with KJS We Are Direct Mail, you’ll have peace of mind that your items will be printed on our state of the art LED UV press and the benefits that it brings which only improves the overall quality of your printed collateral.

But that's not the only investment we've made recently...

Since the installation of our LED UV print press we’ve also updated some of our other plant, including a Xerox Versant 3100 colour digital press, B2 Horizon folder and Prism 92 guillotine, as well a new Matrix laminator/foil effects.

So, with our new and updated plant list, and with everything under our one roof, we can handle just about anything you’re looking to print and/or mail.

There's a lot to look forward to in print and mail and we’re making sure we remain market leaders.