We're going bananas!

We love it when we get asked to mail weird and wonderful things.

Today it's 200 flat pack banana cases which we're packing into individual mail boxes with a personalised letter, proving here's isn't much we can't mail!

We live in an automated world and assume everything is now done by machine. But what about when you want to mail out a bespoke 'not your normal kind of direct mail' pack?

At KJS we have a full team dedicated to hand enclosing all the weird and wonderful things what cannot be done on our machine enclosing lines.

Sometime companies will think it's cheaper and quicker to do these kind of jobs in-house, but it's not until they start they realise how time consuming it can be, taking staff away from their proper work. And, how much space you need too, not just to store the items being enclosed but also once the items have been packaged.

But, as they saying goes, many hands make light weight, so with our set up specifically for this type of work, we can pack and mail in a fraction of the time.

Plus, we can offer competitive rates on UK and overseas postage via our contracts with Royal Mail, and may of the parcel delivery companies.

Whether you've got 100 or 10,000 packs, we'd be happy to handle it!

For this banana case mailing we presented the customer with a number of suitable packaging options, from bright yellow Jiffy bags to overprinted envelopes but they opted for the cardboard book wrap style boxes. It was felt using this packaging would make the recipients feel they were receiving a surprise gift (which they were!).