Types of direct mail

Communication that covers many forms 

People trust mail. It's a fact.

87% of consumers rate messages delivered by mail as believable, compared to 48% for email.

And 65% feel confident the contents of their mail remain private.

There's an age old misconception that a lot of direct mail is junk mail but what we mail, day in, day out, couldn't be further from this.

Good, and cost effective, direct mail is sent to a targeted audience, and of course, complies with GDPR. Many people prefer to receive information in print format rather than electronic.

Some of the types of direct mail we regularly handle includes:

  • Transactional mail - invoices, statements, financial documents
  • Subscription titles - magazines, membership information
  • Charity mailings - appeals, fundraising, supporter newsletters
  • Personalised letters and information - B2B and B2C - leaflets, brochures, news, updates
  • Business documents - reports and reviews, updates, newsletters
  • Catalogues and Mail Order 
  • Postcards and self-mailers - driving traffic to a website, keeping into touch with customers, product launches, promotions 

Mailings can be sent out in envelopes, poly wrap, paper wrap, potato starch wrap, or sent naked (no outer wrap). We can also handle manual fulfilment for sending out items which are not machinable, or pick and pack mailings.

Why use direct mail?

  • Targeted to your audience. With digital print, you can make each mailer as personalise as you want it to be - change images, messages, colour and offers.
  • High impact - direct mail stands out from digital noise and gets noticed when it lands on a desk or doormat
  • Engaging with customers and prospects
  • Trustworthy - research shows direct mail is more trusted than digital marketing
  • Tangible - people like to have someone in their hands to read 

At KJS we can handle your complete direct mail campaign. From high quality print, secure data processing to personalisation and fulfilment. And, because all of our services are in-house, under one roof, we can turn jobs around very quickly.

We work with Royal Mail and all the Downstream Access Providers to ensure we can offer postage discounts.

Speak to us to day about your next project.