Proud members of Two Sides

Promoting the sustainability of print and paper.

We're proud to renew our membership to Two Sides for 2020-21

Two Sides is an initiative set up to promote the sustainability of the graphic communications supply chain and dispel common environmental misconceptions that surround it.

Increasingly, we hear concerns over the impact print and paper is having on our planet. A combination of consumers being misinformed, misled and an assumption that any channel that isn’t digital must be damaging to our environment. Yet paper is one of the few truly sustainable products and we feel, collectively with Two Sides and it’s other members, we can get the message out there.

As members of Two Sides, we are showing our commitment to:

  • Conduct our businesses in an environmentally and socially responsible manner
  • Support and encourage forest certification schemes as well as the practical use of recycled fibre in suitable products
  • Employ procedures that are aimed at ensuring the purchase of raw materials from sustainably managed sources
  • Measure and manage our environmental footprint by eliminating or minimising negative environmental impacts
  • Support the implementation of effective recycling schemes and the minimisation, and eventual elimination of Print and Paper waste in landfill
  • Improve the sustainability of our business operations by measuring and minimising our waste and our use of water and energy

Showing our support to Two Sides was a no brainer. We fully support everything they stand for and the passion they have to ensure Print and Paper remains a versatile, effective and powerful means of marketing and communication.

If you would like to receive The Myths & Facts booklet which busts 9 of the biggest myths about print and paper, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.