What a lovely surprise to receive this message from a client today.

We've mailed over 79,000 items for this client over this time, all financial statement letters.

The sensitive, and highly confidential, nature of these mailings mean that our client puts their complete trust in us to ensure perfection every time.

Our envelope inserting lines are fitted with technology to allow for 100% mailing verification, camera match mailing and selective inserting. So even on mailings such as these statements, where each item contains a variable number of pages, we can ensure 100% accuracy every time. Of course, the technology needs to be operated by our team of our highly skilled operatives.

But our security reaches far beyond our inserting lines. As an ISO27001 certified company, all our clients have complete peace of mind that when they work with us, every element of their job is fully protected. We encourage our clients to use the secure data upload folder, set up for each individual client, which we use to supply live proofs, avoiding data being transferred via email. However, since we don't have email accounts on any mobile devices (part of our ISO27001 certification), if data is emailed to us (password protected) it will not be removed from our premises. In most cases, we mail items on the day they are printed and personalised, but if they are mailed the following day, the printed items will be held securely in one of our locked printer rooms. Even getting in (and out) of our building is like Fort Knox. Visitors can only gain access to our reception, all other areas are locked by key coded pads.

We handle a wide range of transactional mailings on behalf of a variety of organisations. They include personal and business statements, invoices, renewal and reminder letters. Some are daily, weekly or monthly, others are less frequent or ad-hoc,from 10 to 100,000 items. Regardless of frequency or quantity, we treat each of every job with the same level of security.

It's important to us that all our clients are this happy!

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