New solar panels

We're now running on renewable energy

We're proud to announce we've now had solar panels fitted to the roof of our 4 adjoining units. 

This will allow us to run a large proportion of our operations on renewable energy, adding to our mission of providing sustainable print and direct mail solutions. 

At KJS we care about the environment we live in and we're committed to ensuring our business practices are carried out not only with minimal impact to our planet but in ways that can help protect it. Some of the ways we achieve this include:

  • We were one of the first print companies in the UK to invest in an LED UV print press. Using UV light to dry ink, consumes approximately 95% less power than using heat in traditional litho print.
  • It also removes the need for starch powder sprays to separate wet sheets as conventional litho printers have. These powders contaminate the air in the work place
  • We recycle all our print plates
  • All the stock paper we use is FSC certified, and we carbon captured it all. In the past 12 months, our contributions have supported the planting of 1238m2 of native woodland and removed 48,527kgs of carbon dioxide.
  • We're members of Two Sides, a not-for-profit, global initiative promoting the unique sustainable and attractive attributes of print, paper and paper packaging. To find out more about the great work they do, visit:
  • We've invested in paper wrapping, which is a more sustainable solution for mailing catalogues and brochures
  • For clients still wishing to mail catalogues and brochures in polywrap, they have peace of mind that uur standard film is recyclable. Plus, we can also run potato starch wrap which is biodegradable and compostable.
  • All paper waste is recycled weekly and a collection service is offered to clients to dispose of any unwanted paper waste.

But we're determined not to rest on our laurels. We're constantly striving to improve our business practices and invest in new developments and technology that will help us to make continual improvements to providing sustainable print and direct mail solutions.