Potato starch - not a hot potato

If you're looking to avoid the hot potato that is plastic waste, potato starch wrap could be the ideal solution.

Whilst our clear poly wrap is recyclable, very few councils in the UK will actually take it in kerbside bins. It can instead be put with plastic bags at recycling centre or larger stores, but in reality, in most households, it end up in the black bins, and subsequently in landfill. We can all make a more conscious effort to continue to ensure there are clear recycling instructions to ensure the public are better informed but whether or not they are prepared to make the extra effort to recycle it is another matter

Subsequently, clear poly wrap is getting a bad reputation and as a result, we're finding more of our customers are looking at more sustainale alternatives.

It's been well covered how many of the large subscription titles have already moved on from clear poly. Some opting for paper wrapping, and other for potato starch wrap.

Both have their merits, as well as downsides, but at KJS we've found a lot of our customers are keen to take the potato starch route. So, we've recently invested in a new wrapping line which has allowed us to increase our capacity, run jobs quicker, and we can offer a more competitive price.

Why potato starch?

Fundamentally, because it's produced from biopolymers consisting of starch from potato products and food industry waste, potato starch wrap is biodegradable and compostable so it's easy for consumers to place in home composting or food waste bins. The 'But' here is ensuring to tell customers how to dispose of it!

It will fully compost in 10 days, when it’s in contact with micro-organisms.

It's strong and durable, ideal for using to mail magazines and catalogue, translucent and silky to touch with a frosty appearance. It's noticeably different to clear poly, so easy for your customers to instantly see you have made a positive change. And, taking steps such as this is helping businesses to gain customer confidence by demonstrating their environmental ethics.

What's more, we will carbon offset any paper used in your print and mailings, for example if we print your magazine or catalogue as well as the carrier sheet, meaning that when you print and mail with KJS you will have a fully sustainable mailing pack.

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