Paper wrapping now available at KJS

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We're pleased to announce our NEW paper wrap mailing line...

Following months of delay as a result of the pandemic, our new paper wrap line is finally here and we're very excited about it.

We've been keen to invest in paper wrap as part of our drive towards offering our clients greener and more sustainable print and direct mail. Whilst we will still continue to offer traditional clear poly and potato starch wrap, as well as envelope enclosing, we expect to see big demand for paper wrap. We've already received a lot of interest from clients and we've just run our first live job. 

Click here to watch our video showing the machine arriving at KJS, to being installed and running our first live job:

What are the benefits of paper wrap?
The biggest advantage of paper wrap is its sustainability. The paper is recycled, 100% recyclable and FSC certified. As with all the paper we purchase, the reels used for paper wrap will be carbon captured through The Woodland Trust. 

We can even print the Carbon Capture logo and recycling logos to the paper wrap, so you can promote the environmental benefits to your customers.

Paper wrap can help boost your company's eco credentials and support any environmental commitments associated with CSR policies and ISO Standards. It's a great way to show your customers you care about the environment. 

What can be mailed in paper wrap?
Paper wrap is ideal for catalogues, magazines, brochures, newsletters, charity appeals, basically most items which have traditionally been mailed in poly wrap or envelopes. It's robust so will protect your publication throughout the postal system. We can wrap from A5 to A4 sized publications.

Can I brand my mail packs?
The most cost effective option is to use plain paper wrap which we direct address.
However, if your budget allows, it's possible to have a bespoke wrap, printed in full colour. Whilst it does increase the cost, it also creates opportunities to increase revenue through selling the space for advertising, or to promote your brand for maximum impact.

What's the cost?
Paper wrap is a cost-effective alternative to both poly wrap and envelope enclosing. The cost for us to run your mailing depends upon several factors. To receive an accurate cost, just snd the
details of your campaign over to us and we'll provide a quote.

The installation of our new paper wrap line further enhances our commitment to the environment. To find out more about paper wrap, or our many other services, just get in touch today.

Click here to watch our video showing the machine arriving at KJS, to being installed and running our first live job...