Our office make-over

What a transformation! Updating our office space was long over-due but we finally bit the bullet, and what a difference it has made.

With the arrival of Stephen and then Claire, the time finally came when we realised we needed to make better use of our office space. Out with the dark, warren-like offices and in with the bright, light and airy open plan space.

It was somewhat intimate whilst the work was being carried out, with Stuart, Kevin, Luke and Claire all working out of one small office. Intimate is one way of describing the arrangement! But we're a tight knit team and we survived! Luckily, the work coincided with Stephen being on holiday. There wouldn't have been enough room for anyone else!

It was certainly worth it and we're all happ

y with our new office space and starting to settle in effortlessly. It already seems hard to remember how it was before.

So we're up and running at our new desks. Everyone is always welcome to pop in and see us at any time. Our coffee machine is always on!