KJS helps to plant new trees

On Thursday 21st November, account manager Claire swapped a day in the office for a day of tree planting

We’re proud to be a member of the Carbon Capture Scheme, which allows us to offsetting the CO2 emissions of our paper purchases.

The scheme works by us paying a charge, based on the volume of paper for each order we place with paper supplier Premier Paper. 100% of the payment we make is passed on to The Woodland Trust, to fund the planting of trees in certified Woodland Carbon sites across the UK.

With environmental responsibility becoming increasingly important, this carbon reduction strategy enables us to offer a reduced carbon solution to our customers.

The Woodland Trust is the UK’s leading woodland conservation charity, and believe that life is better with trees; they improve the quality of the air that we breathe, provide a natural habitat for an array of UK wildlife, and form nature’s magical playground for children and adults alike. They care for 1200 woods which are open year round for the public to enjoy free of charge.

As part of the scheme we were also invited to attend Premier Paper's annual tree planing day, which was held this year at Shipley Country Park in Heanor, Derbyshire. This former opencast mine has been acquired by The Woodland Trust for redevelopment into a nature site to encourage wildlife to thrive and for people to visit. It will also include The Young People’s Forest, described as a giant classroom for people aged 10-20 to learn about nature and plant trees, and it was in this area that benefited from the tree planting day. 

"When I arrived, I expected there to be about 20 or 30 other people in attendance to plant trees" said Claire. "So I was amazed to see over 300 people there, all giving up their day at work to give their time to this worthwhile project. Working in pairs, everyone grabbed a shovel and a bag of saplings and started to plant."

The group was joined by television presenter Julia Bradbury who presented Jones with a commemorative plaque.

A total of 13,000 native UK saplings, were planted on this one day, including maple, oak, silver birch, hawthorn and hazel. This was double the amount of the last tree planting day. 

The group was joined by television presenter Julia Bradbury. As well as giving lots of support and encouragement to everyone on the day, she also presented Premier Paper's group marketing direct David Jones with a commemorative plaque. The scheme was David's brainchild over 11 years ago. Over this time, £1 million has been raised, resulting in over 240,000 native trees being planted, creating more than 1.5sqkm of new native British woodland and capturing 60,000 tonnes of CO2. "The most rewarding thing for me is that a seed of a simple idea that developed whilst walking in my local Woodland Trust woodland has now grown into the market leading environmental initiative positioning Premier as the Woodland Trust’s number one carbon partner" reflected David.

The Carbon Capture scheme is something KJS are very proud to be part of, and we encourage all our customers to sign up today. It's a great way to mitigate the CO2 emissions created by our paper consumption as well as demonstrating to our customers our commitment to sustainability.