KJS goes to the dogs!

We decided to celebrate Christmas early this year and take a trip to Peterborough Greyhounds for a night out.

The biggest winner of the night was Kevin, who came away with a few £ more than he arrived with, and Luke was most definitely the biggest loser. His inside information didn't prove to be much help in him picking any winners. Oh well, we all had a lot of fun and drowned our spirits with plenty of food and drink.

Race 13 was the KJS Stakes, and as sponsors we had the honor of presenting the trophy to race winner Loughview Holly, and her team. Tammy and Elaine were happy to go down to trackside to be our representatives for the presentation.

Our visit out coincided with Children in Need, so all the staff were dressed Hawaiian style. If only we'd known in advance, we could have joined in the theme! Pudsey was on top form and mingled with us all, though Tammy looked a bit apprehensive at having her picture taken with him! Kevin and Luke even managed to photobomb the staff picture at the end of the night.

A great night out but the general consensus is we need to stick to print and mailing rather than following the dogs!