It's never too early to start thinking about Christmas

Don't leave your (marketing) planning until the last minute...

It's the beginning of October and the sun is shining. It's excusable to forget that it's less than three months to Christmas!

But, before we know ii, be here. Avoid the mad Christmas rush and start planning today.

Christmas is a great time to show customers how much you care, or get in touch and engage with prospects. 

Christmas cards, calendars, gifts,next year's catalogue or company brochure.... we can print and mail them all

At KJS, we handle everything from under one roof which allows us to turn projects around quickly and on time. We don't have minimum (or maximum quantities) so whether you're a large organisation looking to send 1,000 or more cards, or a small business sending just a handful, it's not a problem.

If you want to add a bit of sparkle to your Christmas mailings, we can offer foil blocking or holographic effects.

We can also print a festive message to your envelopes.

If you're planning on sending out gifts or hampers, let us know as we can pick and pack them for you.

Make a lasting impression...

What better way to make someone special than to send them something that's personalised to them. That may be having their name or company name prominent on what you're sending. But personalisation goes much further than this. With variable print you can change the colour, graphics, offers and promotions, for each item to personalise what a customers has ordered with you throughout the year, or what you know they're interested in ordering.

Direct mail isn't just about being personal, it's about being relevant too.