Get planning for Christmas...

Christmas is fast approaching so now's the time to start getting your festive mailings out.

From Christmas cards, calendars and to seasonal mailings, newsletters and catalogues, at KJS We Are Direct Mail we can print and mail them all.

There are many factors which contribute to a successful campaign, including creative and content, selecting the right audience, and timing. Ensuring a mailing lands on a doormat on the right date can be make the difference between getting results and, well, getting not a lot.

You've probably already done your planning so you know exactly when you want your mailing to go out. But, have you booked it in with a print and mail house? If not, then now is a great time to give us a call. We like to work closely with our clients and if we know in advance what you're planning to send, and when you'd like to send it, it makes it all the better for us to achieve this. Plus, we may be able to make recommendations and offer advice on how to make your campaign as successful as possible. This may be tweaking the format, looking at paper weights to ensure you're getting the best postage rate, considering the best postal service.

We all know when Christmas is coming around each year, but even with the most precise planning, we understand that a marketing plan may sometimes slip behind schedule. Being at the end of the supply chain, it's not unusual that the pressure is really on us to make up for some of this time. We'll always do our very best to work to every deadline, no matter how tight that may be!

Festive mailings might include...

Seasonal mailers - Christmas is a good time to remind your customers where you are and what you do. From postcard mailings and self mailers, to a letter and brochure into an envelope, we can handle it all. And, it doesn't matter if your database is less than 100 or over 100,000, we're always happy to print and mail.

Christmas cards - we can design, print and mail. Plain white envelopes can look corporate or how about a bright colour or even sparkly to make an impact?

Calendars - a great way to have your company details in front of a client or customer for 12 months.

Christmas gifts - for mailings which cannot be enclosed by machine, we're able to manually fulfil. Whether it's fixing promotional gifts to cards or mailers with glue dotting, collation and enclosing, boxing bulky items, we've got a full team here that can turn this sort of work around quicker than you can shake a Christmas cracker at.

Charity appeals, fundraising and awareness campaigns - Christmas is a great time of year for Charity campaigns 

Catalogues - enclosing into poly, envelopes, or sending naked, with all of our services under one roof, we can print and mail in no time at all.

Newsletter and subscription packs - factoring in how the Christmas break and bank holidays affect your regular mailings is something you'll already have thought about. Maybe you're going to mail a week or two earlier?

Don't forget... direct mail is a great way to drive traffic to your website.

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone. Receiving something in the post is a great way to send a bit of cheer to colleagues, customers, or prospects and let them know you're thinking of them.

Whatever you're planning to send this Christmas we can help deliver your print and mail. Give us a call today!