Want to enhance your digital marketing?

...use direct mail!

Direct mail is a great way to build valuable relationships and drive commercial actions, such as making a purchase or driving traffic to a website. And that’s because it’s:

  • Trusted
  • Tangible
  • Targetted


If direct mail was once believed to be dead, it’s certainly now making a resurgence.

There’s long been a perception that direct mail is an archaic marketing channel, afterall, it’s been around longer than most of today's marketeers. But it's stood the test of time because a) it works and b) it’s moved with the times.

Here are some of the ways technology has helped transform direct mail marketing:

1. Technology lets you digitize the direct mail marketing process

Postcard mailers are a classic, tried and tested way to engage with current, past and prospective customers alike. Ideal when you have a strong, simple message, such as a promotion, special offer or to drive traffic to a website. And, once they’re in your customer’s hands they’re likely to stay in the home (or work place), either passed around to other members of the household (or office) or placed somewhere to remind the recipient to action at a convenient time.

But technology has now enabled a two way engagement. No longer does direct mail have be used to make the first contact. By using data from a CRM or website, you can mail to shoppers who have abandoned carts without purchasing; send welcome postcards, letters or packs to new online customers, with special discount to encourage conversation and reconnect with buyers for upsell opportunities.

This integration allows business owners to automatically send direct mail in any quantity, thereby putting an end to what normally would have been a very lengthy setup. It also links together online, digital and print marketing tools.

2. Integrating technology tools into the mail piece

Businesses who use direct mail marketing can now utilize digital technology to optimize their campaigns. Through using personalized URLs, QR codes, or even SMS codes, they can get their potential clients to connect with them online and increase response rates. These integrations make the tracking of leads and revenue a very easy process compared to what it was before.


3. It delivers accurate data about customers for precise targeting

Research consistently proves the more a piece is personalised, the better the response. With greater access to more accurate data, there’s huge scope for the level of personalisation that can be incorporated into a direct mail piece. It doesn’t have to be restricted to name and address. In additional the customer’s name can be used in the body copy or imagery, make reference to the area they live or when their insurance/subscription/renewal is due.

Making an impact with personalised direct mail, will strengthen brand awareness and trigger a connection with social media or digital adverts and communication.

4. We invest in the latest technology and equipment

At KJS it's important to us that we can offer our customers production methods that ensure they get the most of out their marketing campaigns, so we've haven't been afraid to invest in the latest technology.

Some examples of this include our litho print press. With traditional lihto print, the drying process can add a considerable amount of time to make sure ink is dried prior to the sheets being able to trimmed or laser personalised. However, our litho press is one of just a handful in the UK that used LED UV light to dry ink, so sheets are ready for finishing and lasering as soon as they are lifted off press. This means we can turn jobs around very quickly, even same day in some cases.

Another area of print where technology has made a big difference is digital print. Gone are the days you need to have a 50k+ database to carrier out a campaign. The quality of digital print is now comparable to litho and makes it cost effect for short runs. We don't have minimum or maximum quantities on what we print or mail.


Direct mail the way forward

Direct mail has embraced technology in lots of way, making it even more cost and time effective as well is efficacy. No longer should direct mail be viewed as the Grandfather of marketing channels. Instead, it can offer new, exciting opportunities to companies looking to get their products and services in front of their target audience.

With the right tools and strategies in place, and working with suppliers who can provide the means to maximise the technology available, businesses can ensure every mailing counts and offers value for money and deliver results.

To find out more, or to get a quote, just get in touch with us today.