Bring your virtual event to life

... think inside the box!

Simulate some of the experience of being at a live event

With so many events being run virtually this autumn, organisers are choosing innovative ways in which to simulate some of the experience of a 'physical' event.

A good example of this the mailings we've been handling for Youth Sport Trust recently for their virtual conferences and events.

Using boxes which easily go through letterboxes, we’ve inserted an array of interesting items, from leaflets and flyers, chocolates and sweets, branded merchandise, even tea bags! The boxes have been clearly labelled with the event branding so they’ll get noticed as soon as they land on the delegate’s doormat.

Receiving a box of goodies is a sure way to get engagement with your audience and to make a lasting impression. But they don’t just have to be used for events. Why not surprise customers, or give a boost to employees working from home?

There's not a lot we can't mail!