Custom made envelopes

With any direct mail campaign, the types of envelopes you use, and how they look, and the message they carry, should have careful consideration.

Wen your mailing lands on a doormat or a desk, the envelope is the first thing the recipient will see, so it's important it gives the right impression. Yet it is the part of the pack that is often overlooked.

Overprinting to a stock envelope can often serve the required purpose, especially, with the fantastic array of off the shelf envelopes available. But some campaigns require something a bit different, something bespoke. It may need to be non-standard size, an exact colour match (either CMYK or Pantone), be printed full colour print throughout, or even have a special print finish.

Flat sheet envelope conversions allow us to produce custom made envelopes to your specific requirements.  We print the flat sheets sing your artwork, then make the envelopes up to the final shape and size. They can be window or non window, gummed, sealed or peal and seal.

We've recently printed these green envelopes for a client as part of a DM campaign. The short video shows the flat sheet being printed on our LED UV press. Even with heavy coverage the ink is dried instantly with the UV lights, therefore meaning these sheets were ready to be die cut and made up to envelopes as soon as the sheets were lifted off the press. Even on uncoated stock, drying is instant without any offset. Once the sheets were die cut and glued they were ready to be personalised and have the other items making up the pack inserted.

This really is a DM pack that aims to get noticed!