Print finishing to impress

Create spot UV, foil block and glitter effects, even on short runs

Get the WOW effect with our latest piece of kit. A laminator that's more than just a laminator! We can now offer spot UV, foil blocking, glitter and holographic effects, even on short runs and on variable data. Perfect for those special cards, invitations, POS or mailers.

It really is an amazing piece of technology. Where once upon a time, the cost of making blocks or dies made this kind of finishing only viable on longer print runs, we can now now achieve the same finish on those shorter runs, even one-off bespoke jobs. And because we don't use blocks and dies it's affordable on shorter print runs and can be turned around quickly. Whats more, it doesn't restrict you to only one effect per item. The way the machine works, we can apply multiple finishes to any one piece.

Get the look...

There's a whole range of foil colours available, from silver, gold and copper to vibrant reds, pinks, blue and greens, even white, and matt finishes. And the glitter and holographic finishes are fantastic too. This new machine really does open up a whole new world of creating special effects during the finishing process to give prints that extra 'wow' factor. It's ideal for packaging, business cards, stationery, book covers, security print, invitations and high end, bespoke print.

See it to believe it...

The effects really are impressive. If you'd like to see some samples, please get in touch and we'll send some out.