Catalogue orders surge in Lockdown 3

KJS customers are seeing astounding results from DM campaigns

"Our catalogue mailings have performed so well during lockdown, we'll be increasing our next campaign by 20,000 contacts..."

This is the conversation we had with one of our customers yesterday.

During Lockdown 3, they've seen a huge surge in orders from the catalogues they mailed out during the last quarter of 2020. 
Whilst they would normally expect orders to be high leading up to Christmas, what has been unprecedented this year, is the level of sales throughout January.

This upsurge is being attributed to people staying at home during lockdown and proves the effectiveness of direct mail during these times.

A follow-up mailing was already scheduled to mail out next week, but this will now be sent to an additional 20,000 contacts.

We've had similar feedback from many other customers too following recent direct mail campaigns. So, whether you're looking to sell products through catalogues, drive traffic to a website with postcard mailings or send a letter to customers, just get in touch with us.