Personalised postcard mailers

Week in, week out, postcard mailers are one of the most popular items we print and mail. 

Postcard mailers are simple and effective direct mail

For many of us of a certain age, when we think about sending out postcards, we think about childhood summer holidays, rotating racks outside souvenier shops, images of the resort and surrounding area, and, of course, those with risky with bawdy seaside humour! Sending a postcard to family and friends was as much part of a summer holiday as a bucket & spade and a knotted handkerchief!

Whilst going on holiday may be a fragile subject at the moment, sending a postcard mailer definitely isn't. 

At KJS We Are Direct Mail, we work with customers across many different sectors, and of all sizes, from start ups to multinationals. Yet postcard mailers seems to appeal across the board more than any other form of direct mail.

What makes postcards so popular?

  • They're simple! Designed well, a postcard mailer should carry a strong message that is instantly eye catching to the recipient. Say what you need to say, have a clear call to action and the message can't fail to get noticed.
  • Postcard mailers are cost effective, for long or short runs and everything in between. They can generate some of the best ROI of all marketing activity.
  • They don't need to be opened and are likely to be held onto by the recipient.
  • Ideal for B2B or B2C communication.
  • Can be as personal as you want to make them. The ability to use variable data means each postcard can be targetted to each contact, whether that's their name on one side or both sides, or the offer/promotion.
  • Easy to measure response rates.

Some of the postcard mailings we handle for our clients include: 

  • Theatres to promote forthcoming productions
  • Invitations to events
  • Product launches or promotions
  • Sales and special offers
  • Reminders

At KJS We Are Direct Mail we can print and mail postcard mailings in three easy steps:

  1. Send us your print ready artwork (or we can design them for you)
  2. Supply your data via our secure data upload
  3. Sign off the pdf proof we send you and we'll print and mail the postcards the following day.

It's couldn't be easier!

Call us today to speak to us about your next postcard mailing.