Proud to support our partners

At KJS, we strive to provide a high level of service and quality to our customers on every job. We also do everything possible to help make the world a better place, because we care

Woodland Carbon Capture Scheme

As a partner in the Woodland Trust Carbon Capture scheme, we reduce our carbon footprint and purchase by over 60 tonnes of carbon captured paper every year; one tonne of paper purchased by us equates to 1854m² of new woodland planted and half a tonne of CO2 captured.

Two sides

We're proud to be a member of Two Sides, a campaign raising awareness about the sustainability of print and paper by dispelling common misconceptions about its environmental impact. By informing consumers and businesses that print and paper are a truly sustainable way to communicate due to their recyclable and renewable qualities, it will ensure that print media remains effective for generations to come.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

FSC promotes the responsible management of the world's forests, giving assurance that paper with FSC certification is made with, or contains, wood that comes from FSC certified forests or post consumer waste.

Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC)

PEFC promotes sustainability managed forests through independent third party certification. The PEFC logo provides an assurance that the woodfibre used in that paper originates from PEFC certified, sustainably managed forest.

All the stock paper we use is FSC or PEFC certified.

 ISO 27001 accreditation (certificate no. 21866)

We take information security very seriously, which is why we chose to become ISO 27001 accredited. We wanted our clients to have complete peace of mind that we are undertaking all the correct systems and procedures to ensure we handle, store and manage every piece of data supplied to us with the upmost security.

The ISO 27001 standard is designed to identify Information Assets and ensure appropriate security measures and controls are in place to protect them. As part of the certification, we must demonstrate and document our Information Security Management System three times a year and we are also externally audited each year by QMS International Plc.

Royal Mail

We work with Royal Mail, and all the Downstream Access Providers.

There are many factors which affect postage costs, from the size and weight of your items, the quantity you're sending, the quality of your data and of course, how quickly you want it to land.

When we handle your direct marketing campaign, we will take all these factors into account and advise on the best possible postage rate available. Sometimes it can work out cheaper to mail a few more items!