We communicate

We listen. We talk. We keep you updated. We'll be honest.

Do you ever stop to think how many emails you receive and respond to in a single working day? How did we communicate pre email with clients, with suppliers... with our colleagues? It's certainly one of the biggest changes to the world of business in our lifetimes. But has it really improved communication or has that become a lost art?

I think we'd all agree email has been great on many levels, but there are flaws. There's always the risk that what you put in an email may be completely misinterpreted when it's read by the recipient. Or what about when you send an email to ask a simple question but don't get a response until the next day?

At KJS We Are Direct Mail communication is very important to use, we've built a reputation of providing excellent customer service and that has been down to communicating well with our clients. From updates on the progress of a job, news about investments we make to our plant list or changes to industry legislation that will affect our clients, we go out of our way to keep in touch. And we'll communicate with you how you want us to. Yes, we appreciate the benefits of email but we're not afraid to pick up the phone and talk! We're also always happy to come over to have a face to face meeting, and our door is always open to visitors who want to have a look around our set up.

We'll always reply to your calls, respond quickly to quotes and enquiries. And if your account manager isn't available at the end of the email or the phone, another member of our team will be.

We like to hear from our clients, so, whether you want a quote, need some information about your next mailing, or just want to put the world to right, please get in touch. Communication is good!