Polywrapping is a quick and cost-effective option for sending out items such as catalogues, brochures, magazines.

It's ideal for heavier items when you need to keep your pack weight down to get the best postal rate and, because poly is durable, your pack contents are protected as they go through the mailing system.

With the front cover of your brochure or magazine showing our of the poly, it can be a great way to get your pack noticed and get the recipient to open it straight away. A carrier sheet is also a great way to get noticed. We can print in one or full colour, one side or both.

We can polywrap up to A4 size, and insert multiple items into each pack, whether onserting, so the additional inserts sit on top of the main item, or we can feed inserts into the magazine itself.

But poly isn't good for the environment?

At KJS We Are Direct Mail, we only use bio-degrable poly.