Machine envelope enclosing

Our fully automated, envelope enclosing lines allow us to process thousands of items every hour.

With multi-stations we can efficiently collate and feed a variety of items such as letters, leaflets, brochures, business reply envelopes into envelope from size C6 up to C4. We can even match mail personalised items too with our camera matching facilities.

We can personalise letters, to insert into window envelopes, or if you're sending out generic literature, direct address to a non window envelope.

Many of our customers used to 'stuff' their own envelopes, thinking it was a more cost-effective way of sending out information, or that we wouldn't handle relatively short mailings. But, they now realise how much easier it is to get us to do, it saves them money, not just on the cost of printing and buying envelopes but on postage too. And, it frees up the valuable time of employees to be able to undertake the job they're employed to do.