Let's be frank about franking

Royal Mail franked mail price rises from 26th March. How we can help to save you more.

The franking machine. That trusted piece of machinery that's found in the corner of many offices or mail room. The one that only one person in the office ever seems to know how to use. But the piece of equipment everyone would miss without it.

Like everything, the franking machine has evolved from their infancy when they were manually operated, using crank and dyes for printing on the paper, to the modern day digital machine that has become synonymous with the day to day function of both small and large businesses worldwide. And it does bring with it many benefits.

Franked mailed presents a professional image; postage is always sent with an accurate weight and cost - no charges for under stamping or paying too much with over stamping; no trips to the Post Office to buy stamps; the reports they generate can help with accountability and recording expenditure; and, let's not forget, the postage discounts Royal Mail offer for franked mail over stamped mail. 

But did you know franked mail rates are rising on 26th March?

Even with the price rises, it's still much cheaper to send franked mail than affix a stamp. But what many businesses don't realise is that, as a Mailing House, we can offer even greater discounts on postage. And you don't have to send thousands of items to benefit from the savings. Even if you're sending a mailing of 50 or 100 items, it still may work out cheaper to get us to handle it, especially when you take into account the wear and tear on your machinery, and the time it takes for someone to feed the items through your franking machine. 

Plus, we have access to a much wider range of postal services, dependent upon the number of items you're sending out, the size and weight of your items, your land date.

Franked mail is great, but speak to us to find out how we can save you more!