How mail can boost acquisitions

Customer acquisitions are vital in any marketplace. But with customers exposed to thousands of marketing messages every day, and so many factors affecting their ultimate purchasing decisions, it’s becoming increasingly harder for brands to stand out. 

It's even more important than ever to get your acquisition strategy right.

At a time when it’s becoming more challenging to hit acquisition targets, marketers need to adapt and be smarter than ever before.

55% of consumers say they don't trust companies as much as they used to and 40% of sales and marketing professionals agree that prospecting is currently the hardest part of the sales process.

Research consistently shows that strategies incorporating a multi-channel approach will achieve better results. Despite mail being a proven channel when it comes to boosting acquisition, post GDPR, with depleted databases and uncertainty around the use of cold data, many brands have turned their back this medium, opting instead to using email and other digital channels.

But is that really the best way forward? Maybe the answer is exploring the options available which still allow targeted mailings whilst still adhering to GDPR.

The power of mail should never be overlooked.

When finding out about new products and services, consumers use digital and non-digital channels equally

  • 79% of consumers use at least one digital channel
  • 79% of consumers use at least one traditional channel

But when it comes to trust, there is a noticeable difference; 87% of consumers believe messages delivered by mail, compared to just 47% by email.

Research also shows that mail can have more lasting results than digital channels, being remembered 35% more than social media and 49% more than email.

GDPR hasn’t meant the end of Direct mail

GDPR does not need to spell the end of successful direct mail. You can still mail to prospects, as well as customers, you just need to ensure you have consent or legitimate interest. Another common misconception is that you need a vast database of contacts to run a direct mail campaign, but that’s not true. DM campaigns can be sent to just 500 contacts or 500,000.

Ultimately, consumers still respond to receiving tangible and physical marketing material. It appeals to all demographics, can be produced in a sustainable way, and can reach almost 30 million households across the UK.

The direct mail channel can offer three key solutions to reach and engage with an audience and boost an acquisition stragety:

Partially addressed mail

A new service from Royal Mail that allows targeted mailings without requiring their personal data.

Why choose Partially Addressed Mail?

  • A highly targeted channel
  • ‘Top up’ targets in postcode areas where you already have customers
  • ‘Lookalikes’ – targets in postcode areas identified as similar to an existing customer base
  • Does not use personal data, but to help drive engagement, relevant titles can be used, such a ‘Pizza Lover’ or ‘tea drinker’.
  • Discounted postage costs


Direct Mail

Addressed mail sent to a name person. Personalisation helps build trust and loyalty and opens a one-to-one relationship. It’s a strong acquisition tool that’s tactile and engaging.

  • Despite what many people believe post GDPR, you can still mail to an existing database, (assuming you meet the GDPR criteria). We need to view GDPR as a friend, not a foe; it’s here to protect our industry and give our audience the assurance and trust that what we send out, and who we send it to, is
  • Don’t be put off by thinking you have to mail to thousands of contacts. You can mail to a few hundred contacts (or less), or tens of thousands. At KJS, we handle mailings of all quantities.
  • Make each mailing piece as bespoke as you need it to be. The use of personalisation stretches far beyond just printing someone’s name or addresses. Vary colours, offers, promotions, messages, even logos and images to suit. The more you can tailor your mailer to the recipient, the more engaging it will appear.
  • Even if you don’t have a database, it’s still possible to purchase data through third party data houses, just ensure what you purchase is GDPR compliant!


Door drops

A flexible and cost-effective way to distribute leaflets, flyers or brochures to households either locally or nationally.

  • Allows a broad reach across a specific area, or nationally across multiple areas.
  • Cost-effective distribution
  • Ideal for store openings, events or promoting services in a local area.

The way forward...

To seek new customers and hit acquisition targets, marketers must explore multiple tactics to stand out. Mail can play a key role and offers a highly effective solution. Not only does it give an audience a physical piece of communication, it can drive traffic and attention to other channels.

Direct mail isn't a one size fits all. With three very different solutions to choose from, whether Partially Addressed Mail, Direct Mail or Door Drops, there is a service which can work with every acquisition campaign.

For more information, on how KJS can work for you in each of these options, contact us to.