Acquire new customers with Royal Mail’s Partially Addressed Mail

Great news for marketers looking to grow their prospects database – Royal Mail have extended the Partially Addressed Mail service until March 2020.

Addressed mail has been a proven, highly effective channel to reach customers for many years.

Targeted and personalised mailings allow you to connect and engage with your audience, and, if done properly, will deliver great ROI. 

However, since the introduction of GDPR marketers have not been able to contact cold prospects where legitimate consent could not be proven, impacting upon their direct mail activity. Where once upon a time, brands had relied upon sending mail to bought-in lists in order to acquire customers, GDPR forced them to rethink their marketing strategy. Some reverted to untargeted, less responsive door drops, others redirected their marketing spend to other communication channels entirely for fear of prosecution by the ICO.

In response to this, in October 2018, Royal Mail launched Partially Addressed Mail™, a highly targeted, responsible way to reach potential customers, without requiring their personal data. It’s a powerful acquisition tool, allowing advertisers to target households using geo-demographics at postcode level. The service occupies a middle ground between door drops and fully addressed mail.

How does it work?

Instead of addressing the mailing to an individual, Partially Addressed Mail lets you target small groups of around 15 households. You can top up postcodes in areas where you already have existing customers or find postcodes with similar potential customers. Existing customers are removed, so you are not wasting your budget or sending them acquisition material when they are already one of your customers.

Partially Addressed Mail - Targeting

All the benefits of personalised mail

With Partially Address Mail, items are addressed to a generic title. You could use something quite standard, such as ‘Occupant’ or ‘Household’, or, to add a more promotional and relevant descriptor to catch your audiences’ attention, you could use ‘Pizza Lover’ or ‘Pet Owner’.

Combining both methods could give businesses 30% more reach than fully addressed mail and significantly reduce data costs.

Partially Addressed Mail is cost-effective tool. With discounted postage rates, it’s estimated that you can reach 30% more households with one Partially Addressed Mailing than a fully addressed mailing for the same budget spend.

By combining insight and data analytics, Partially Addressed Mail is a great way to identify potential customers without the use of personalised data.

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*Source: JICMail ‘7 Essential insights on Partially Addressed Mail’, Q4 2017 to Q2 2019